On Stage Class outline
Most classes are combination -- ballet, tap & jazz.  Separate hip hop, ballet only classes are also
Below is an outline of class descriptions, teachers can and will conduct a personal evaluation upon
the parents request as to what class best suits the child.
Material taught in class will vary to suit the general age, ability and concentration level of class. Some
classes may vary depending on ability, dancers may be grouped with dancers older or younger. This
is at the teachers discretion only.
PRE-SCHOOL  (45 minute class one time per week)  for ages 3-4 years   
This program, specifically designed for 3 and 4 year olds, meets once a week for 45 minutes. A combination
class consisting of Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap and Tumbling. Dancers learn ballet positions 1.2.3 and basic
tap sounds. Emphasis is on basic locomotor development, rhythm and creative expression. Tumbling skills to
be covered include front rolls, back rolls, cartwheels, back bends and more. On Stage little ones enter the
dance world in a FUN, PLAYFUL AND IMAGINATIVE MANNER. Your dancer will have the time of their life while
learning the fundamentals of dance.  This class will do (2) routines in the Spring recital utilizing (1) costume for
both routines.
K-1ST- 2ND GRADE     (60 Minute class one time per week)   
This program teaches the fundamentals of ballet,tap and pre-jazz. Class is packed with fun exercises to aid in
the learning process.  Class emphasis is on basic dance vocabulary, flexibility and stretching exercises.
Dancers will develop an appreciation of dance in a non-competitive self-esteem building environment. This
class will do (2) routines in the Spring recital utilizing (1) costume for both routines.  
3RD-5TH GRADE     (60 Minute Class one time per week)
This is a combination class of ballet,tap and Jazz.  Students will grow in their technique and strength. Students
will work on coordination, creativity and expression. Ballet class will include lyrical and classical movements.
Tap class will include combinations, turns and strengthening our feet and ankle. Jazz class will incorporate
center and across the floor turns, leaps and combinations. This class will do (3) routines in the Spring Recital.
(2) costumes will be purchased, (1) will be utilized as a two in one.  This class will do (3) fun routines in the
Spring recital.  (2) costumes will be purchased, (1) will be
MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL   (One hour 15 minute class
one time per week) This high energy class will focus on polishing technique. Ballet technique focuses on body
control and finding their center of base control.  Tap skills such as clarity and increasing speed.  Basic jazz
progressions across the floor.  This class will do (3) fun routines in the Spring recital.  (2) costumes will be
purchased, (1) will be utilized as a two in one.
Dance Class Outline
BALLET - Classic ballet technique is taught to classical music. French terminology is used. Class
includes barre work, center floor to include adagio (slow movement) & allegro (jumps), and several
progressions across the floor.
POINTE - Available to dancers who are at least 12 years old and who have had at least 5 years of solid
ballet training. First
year students start with pre-pointe developing their ankle strength and technique. As they gain skill,
they  - to pointe class. Although being a ballerina is the dream of many young dancers, pointe work
requires ankle strength, excellent technique and work outside of class. Teacher approval is required.
LYRICAL- Emphasis is placed on increased flexibility incorporating the techniques of ballet and jazz.
TAP - Rhythm tap technique to be executed primarily on the balls of ones feet. A variety of music styles
such as
Broadway show tunes...pop or rock may be used. Tap includes warm-up, progressions and combination
JAZZ - Jazz section includes warm-up, progressions, and combination drills. Jazz classes are taught in
the style of classical jazz technique and at the teacher's discretion may vary to funky jazz and some
hip-hop moves. Hip hop or pop music may be used.
HIP-HOP - A high energy class that uses the latest in rap, r & b and pop music together with movement
influenced by some of today's hottest video choreographers. New moves and a different combination
taught at every class to be put into a dance combination in the end. Comfortable clothing and tennis
shoes ideal for this class (no street shoes on the dance floor).
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