1. We ask that you do not bring your dancer to class if they are not feeling well, have an elevated temperature
or cough. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival of teachers and students. Masks are required for dancers upon arrival
(unless said child has underline health issues) once each dancer has their temperature checked, been administered hand
sanitizer they may proceed to dance studio A or B. Upon exertion and per state law dancers may take masks off so one does
not over heat.

2. Our waiting area will be closed until further notice---- Parents will need to wait in their vehicle or drop off their child for
class and return at pick up.

3. Drop off and Pick up: we ask that you drop off your dancer at the front door or walk them up to the front door. Your
dancers teacher or assistant will be available at the front desk/ lobby area to check your dancer in. Please make sure you
have current cellphone numbers on your registration so we can call you if needed. Parents may enter the studio briefly only
if warranted by staff. Parents should pick up their dancer outside at the far right door under staff supervision. Dancers 11
and older may walk to their parents vehicle once they have let staff know.

4. Each dancer will have a designated area to keep their bag, shoes ect so they
are separated from other dancers' belongings.

5. We are keeping class sizes small (10)- (12) in order to keep dancers spread out depending on the studio used. Markers
will be placed on the studio floor and barres to help dancers stay spaced out.

6. Barres, any equipment used, and bathrooms will be wiped down with disinfectant between
classes.  Bathrooms will be for emergency only!!

7. Any crafting supplies used by dancers for dance will be assigned to that dance member for that individual's use only.

8. Hand Sanitizer will be available at the front desk and in the studios. Staff and Students should use sanitizer or wash hands
before class begins and hands must be washed after any bathroom use.

9. Instructors will minimize any physical contact with dancers and plan classes that do not incorporate physical contact
between dancers.

10. All common areas, handles, door knobs, railings, front desk equipment etc. will be
cleaned with disinfectant daily and as needed.

* Tuition fee's are due and payable the first lesson of each month. Any payments made the 2nd week will incur a $10.00 late
fee. * Tuition remains the same whether it is a (5) or short (3) week month.  Yearly registration fee is $20.00 per dancer or
$30.00 a family.
There are no refunds on unused tuition, or costume payments.
* There is no deduction for illness, vacations, or absences.
* On Stage offers family discounts, beginning with the 3rd child at 1/2 the price.
* Returning dancers from the 2020 dance year will receive a $10.00 voucher for each dancer they refer to On Stage.
Vouchers will distributed in May 2021 and can be used for dance related things. Tuition, recital tickets ect. Referrals must
complete the September-May dance year for you to receive your voucher.
* Attendance is the key to both individual and class progress..a great deal is learned each week.
* Please notify the studio in advance if you are going to miss a class.
* Excessive absences/tardies may prevent a student from performing in our annual recital.
* Make up classes are available, inquire about proper time for your child to make up any classes missed
* All female dancers are required to wear dance attire. No specific color is required. Leotard, short shorts, tight fitting
tank tops, tight fitting jazz pants etc.
* Each class has a specific shoe....most need ballet and tap. Please inquire.
* Hair must be completely secured and out of the face. No jewelry is allowed.
* Students should arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of class
* Please be sure to walk your dancer into class and pick them up on time.
* Please use the restroom prior to the start of class.
* The average class size is around 10- 12 per class. Each class has one Instructor and 1-2 Teaching Assistants.
*Due to Covid 19 our observation evenings will be limited. More information will be
available upon the start of classes.
Each class will perform (1) routine at the show, costumes will be something the dancers already have....or will be
inexpensive if needed to purchase. This show is only an option. More information will be available in October.
More information will be available during the year about recital procedures
*On Stage dancers have the option to participate in fund-raising to defray dance related costs. This usually begins in
October. In the past the dancers have sold pizza's , cookie dough, pies, candy bars and poinsettia's.  OPTION....not
*A newsletter is posted on the web site monthly to keep parents updated and informed about upcoming events. We will
e-mail monthly newsletters to parents who provide e-mail addresses. Letters are also available on the studio bulletin board
for your convenience.
* Every dancer will receive an award at the year end recital-
onstageperformer@yahoo.com    OR CALL